Direct Edge Brazil's 3 core operating principles:

  • Adapting Direct Edge's high-performance technology, innovative mindset and superior customer service to the unique needs of the Brazilian market and trading community
  • Competing as a respectful, responsible and positive member of the marketplace
  • Trying wherever possible to avoid the potential for increased systemic or operational risk, allowing customers to take advantage of what we have to offer as easily as possible

Introducing Direct Edge Brazil

Direct Edge Brazil

Direct Edge, a leading stock exchange in the United States, is pleased to announce our intention to launch Direct Edge Brazil, an all-electronic platform for the trading of Brazilian equities. The exchange will be headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, and we are delighted at the prospect of opening our new exchange in such a world-class city.

The introduction of a new exchange in Brazil will foster competition and encourage innovation that will ultimately make the markets more efficient for Brazilian investors.

We look forward to working with market participants and others to make Direct Edge Brazil the best possible place to trade. We also look forward to keeping you updated on our progress in making this vision a reality. This site will be continually updated with new information as it is available and expanded as our launch date approaches.

“The arrival of Direct Edge is further proof of the importance of Rio to the global financial markets.”

— Rio de Janeiro Mayor, Eduardo Paes

“Having one of the largest stock exchanges in the United States operating here will provide added incentive for other global financial market participants and will likely attract broker services and financial technology firms.”

— Rio de Janeiro Mayor, Eduardo Paes

“The decision by Direct Edge to establish its headquarters in Rio reinforces the relevance of the local economy and highlights how the global financial markets realize the plentiful growth opportunities that exist in our city.”

— Eduarda La Rocque, Municipal Secretary of Finance, City of Rio de Janeiro

“The pending arrival of a world class stock exchange can create opportunities for Rio’s young professionals, and will boost efforts to revitalize the financial sector in our city.”

— Eduarda La Rocque, Municipal Secretary of Finance, City of Rio de Janeiro

“Direct Edge Brazil will serve as the inspiration to recreate a new and modern financial center in the city.”

— Marcelo Haddad, CEO of Rio Negócios